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Mountain Bike

Over the past 10 years, mountain biking has become one of the fastest growing sports in Arizona. A combination of beautiful weather all year round along with unmatched scenery and a great variety of trails make Arizona an ideal location for this exciting and gratifying sport.

ASC Racing offers a wide range of services and information to make your mountain biking experience much more enjoyable. We offer and organize group rides and other local events. You can always find an ASC Racing rider either training or participating at any of the local biking events or small community bike rides. We also offer you information about local area monthly free classes, clinics and rides. Some of the information that you will find on these pages include Basic Repair, Advanced Repair, and Shifting Clinics.

We also cover mountain bike skills, safety, nutrition and preparing for cycling events. You’re always invited to check back with us and contact us if you need any specific information.

ASC Racing’s website also provides a wealth of information and links to some of the most thrilling and exciting mountain biking news and videos from events around the world. Seat back, relax, and enjoy the website!